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field Our field is starting to cover the middles. The leaves from opposite rows are almost touching in the middles. This should have occurred earlier in the season, but with the cool May and early June the plants didn't get a good early start. When the middles are covered, soil evaporation is reduced and the soybean plants are more competitive with weeds.
plants Plants in our row still appear to be doing well. If you were driving down the road you would think this soybean field was doing great. But we know there aren't very many pods on these plants.
plant1a You can still see some flowering at the top of the plant and tips of the branches. The pods are getting bigger. Under the circumstances these plants are hanging on. For the past week, the temperatures have been hanging around 100 F.
plant1b Our second plant continues to manage the conditions better than the first plant. Do you suppose the second plant has a better root system? Does it have less competition with its neighboring plants? Or did the hail damaged plants never fully recover? I don't know the answer to that, but it probably is a combination of factors.

Soybean Scene

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