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fieldOur field is in good shape at this point. We had a little more than one inch of rain last Friday night. So, we are well ahead of the normal August rainfall. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but we could have used some of the rain we had last week in early to mid-July. It would have been handy at that time, but we'll take it now! That's going to be the difference between a pretty good harvest and an average one.
plantsrowThe plants in our row still look good. With the wet soil our plants are set for the next week or so. Because the plants are well into the R6 stage things are starting to slow down. The most noticeable things we'll see is the leaves starting to turn yellow and the pods changing colors.
plant1aThe pods of our first plant are still very green, but you've probably noticed they have a brownish color.  That's the "hair" on the pods. The hair color is called tawny, so we say these pods have a tawny pubescence. Some pods of other varieties will have a silver pubescence.
plant1bOur second plant is loaded with pods. I still can't get over how many pods this plant has compared to other plants. I'm looking forward to harvest time to see how well our field yielded. Just between you and me, things are going to be quite boring for the next couple weeks, because the plants are slowing down in their development and we can't see anything happening. The R6 stage lasts for about 18 days, but it can be shorter or longer for depending on the weather. And because we've had this rain, I'm guessing it will be longer for our field. That will help our field to produce a better yield. I'm going to skip Friday's pictures and we'll look at our field a week from today.

Soybean Scene

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