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fieldWow, we've had some rain! Five inches in the last 48 hours and it could rain some more today.  We certainly needed that rain. Our field looks pretty good.

plants The plants in our row are in good shape. You can see from the color of the soil that it is wet. Also, you might see some lower leaves tuning yellow. We will be seeing more of that in the next few weeks. If you want to take a close-up look at some of the pods click here.
plant1aHere's our first plant and you can see how the pods are distributed throughout the plant. The braches are contributing quite a few pods.

plants1bHere's our second plant and it still looks good. There's one branch to the right that is almost as tall as the main stem (which is in the middle) and it is loaded with pods. I wish all the plants in our field looked like this one...we would have a great soybean harvest.
pdsquestionTrivia Question for the Day: Do all soybean pods have three seeds inside them? Or do some pods have a different number of seeds in them? What do you think? I'm waiting for the answer!! Well, if you said that all pods have three seeds in them, well, that's not quite right! Most pods have three seeds inside, but some pods have only two beans inside and some have four seeds inside. Pretty neat, huh?

Soybean Scene

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