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fieldThe weather has been much nicer this week with highs in the mid 80s.  It's 2:30 p.m. and it's only 85 F.  Not bad.  Our field seems to be responding to the weather as well (or maybe it's just me!).  There are no visible signs of drought stress.   I think our field has improved this week.
prettyplantsPlants in the row appear to be healthy with a nice green color.  I mention this because pretty soon these plants will begin to lose their bright green color and start turning a dull green.  But it is very gradual and difficult to see.  I'll explain the reason for this next week.
podsfirstThe first thing that I notice about our first plant is the pods at the top of the plant are filling out and getting  plumper.  Obviously, that means the seeds inside the pods are growing rapidly.
podssecondThe same thing is happening to pods on the second plant.  I'm really impressed there are as many pods as there are on these plants.  A couple weeks ago I didn't think our field would even produce 20 bushels per acre.  Now, I think it will produce more than 30 bushels per acre.  Granted, 30 bushels per acre isn't great, but this field has had a terrible summer.

Soybean Scene

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