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green fieldsOur field is still hanging on. These windy days really cause the plants to use more moisture, especially if it is hot and that can cause the plants to wilt.  So far our field has avoided that.
plants in R5 stageYou can now see pods on plants in our row without much trouble. As I mentioned last time, our soybeans are not going to get any taller because they have reached the R5 stage. In fact, the plants will start losing lower leaves soon.
first plants with more podsOur first plant certainly appears to be putting on more pods than I had originally thought. They seem to be developing seed inside the pods. Did you notice the holes in the leaves? Do you think this level of insect feeding will cause yield reductions? If you said "no" you are correct. This is only minor feeding and won't cause any problems.
second plants with more pods than plant oneOur second plant has considerably more pods than our first plant and it appears to be in good shape. Let's look at some of the pods in more detail and talk about the R5 stage.
pod from one of the four uppermost nodesThis pod is from one of the four uppermost nodes and is at about the R5.5 stage. R5.5 means that the seed has filled half of the seed capsule. At the R5.5 stage the plant has reached it's maximum height and total number of leaves. nitrogen fixation (in the roots) has maxed-out and will start to decline now. The seeds are starting a rapid increase in nutrient and dry matter (weight) accumulation. Also, this is the period of peak daily water use. In short, we are in the period of soybean development when it uses and needs the most water.
a pod in R5 stage but almost in R6 stage /full-bean stageThis pod is still in the R5 stage, but it is nearly at the R6 stage, or the full-bean stage. This pod came from the same plant as the last pod, but lower on the stem. Remember, pods lower on the stem are older and further developed than pods from the upper nodes.

Soybean Scene

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