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K-State Research and Extension -
2011 Annual Conference:

Oct. 18 - 20; watch the Wed. Oct. 19 opening, keynote, and conference presentations.




2010 KSRE Annual Conference
Photos>Mark Taylor

"Managing the Multigenerational Mix"

Presented by Mark Taylor, Taylor Programs
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Photos>Lawrie Kirk

 "Strategic Communications and Tactical Planning for Your Program"

Presented by Lawrie Kirk, Australian National University
Communication planning with purpose and goals.
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Photos>Assisted DogAssistance Dog Exhibition
Dean Ralph Richardson, College of Veterinary Medicine, K-State

Presentation: March 8, 12pm, K-State Union, Forum Hall

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2011 Diversity Student Leader Luncheon

Photos>Rodney Somerville

A Crossroad at Midnight
Rodney Somerville, Centocor Ortho Biotech, Chicago, IL
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2010 Diversity Student Leader Luncheon

Photos>AgDiversityWhat the MKL Holiday Means to Me!
SFC Toliver Hill, US Army
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"College of Agriculture - Advising"

Academic orientation advising session (June 8, 2010). Go to video.

"Critical Issues in International Food Production?"

Three special events that highlight this important topic: Dirt! The Movie - Panel Discussion, Vandana Shiva (noted international agriculture activists), and Climate Change and Food Production - Panel Discussion.
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"In Defense of Food: Are Criticisms of the Nutrition Profession Justified?"

Dr. Susan A. Nitzke, PhD, RD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 8, 2009
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2009 KSRE Annual Conference

Oct. 20, 2009 - Selected video programs: President Kirk Schulz, Micheal Wesch, Fred Cholick, Wellness Update, Change Agent States for Diversity (CAS), Biosecurity Update; Shaun Kennedy, Jim Stack, and Jerry Jaax. Go to Recorded Videos.

Multicultural Academic Program Success (MAPS)


Student Presentations - July 27, 2009

 Watch the group presentations here MAPS 2009 Student Presentations


KSU MLK Observance Week

Wed. Jan. 21: MLK Fellowship Luncheon - “Unraveling the Knot of Power & Privilege” Speaker: Dr. Allan G. Johnson, Recorded Presentation (Windows Media, 40 minutes)

Thursday. Jan. 22 - 12:30pm: Diversity Student Leader Luncheon: “Firsthand View of Civil Rights in Kansas” Speaker: Mr. Chester Owens, Jr., K-State Alumni Center
Recorded Presentation (Windows Media, 40 minutes) 

KSRE Annual Conference: Healthy People, Healthy Earth
Video of workshop for Workplace Wellness.


K-State College of Agriculture Special Event: November, 8, 2007

Diversity Programs Office
 “Recognize, Respond, and Confront Hate in the Classroom"

Presented By: Brandon Wilson - Wilbron Institute

This program offers proven methods for identifying and confronting hate in the classroom.

K-State College of Agriculture Special Event: May 14, 2007

International Agriculture Program

“Challenges and Opportunities for International Agriculture Programs”

Presented By: Ed T. Kanemasu - Assistant Dean for International Agriculture University of Georgia

Logos>Video-Streaming_LogoRecorded Streaming Video (~1 hour length, Window Media Video)

KSU College of Human Ecology Special Event: April 19, 2007

Shugart Lecture Series

"The Economics and Emotional Burden of Foodborne Illness"
Presented by: Barbara Kowalcyk - Director of Food Safety, Center of Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention. (This presentation was video taped by the KSU Educational Communications Center. 900, 34 kbps)

Logos>Video-Streaming_LogoRecorded Streaming Video of Presentation (~1 hr. length)

KSRE Special Event: August 18, 2006

K-State Agriculture Effective Instruction Workshop:
"Classroom Movement: Inspire Students, Deter Hate, Promote Inclusion"

Join Brandon Wilson, (--Higher Education Consultant, Wilbron Institute--) as he offers proven methods for creating a college experience and inclusive classrooms that inspire students to embrace globalization, confront hate and bias, and become leaders who provide solutions to injustices facing our communities, nation and world. This workshop will equip you with the tools needed to reach students, and promote goodwill and friendship within the College of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension.

KSRE Events: Dec. 2 and 9, 2005

The Impact of Couple and Marital Relationships onParenting Conference
Parenting and Child Outcomes.

This satellite program (via the Web) is designed for professionals or volunteers who work with families. Topics covered include:

  • Program implications for working with unmarried parents who are considering marriage as an option.
  • How the quality of married and unmarried couple relationships affect parenting quality, father involvement, and children's well-being.
  • Which has more influence on parenting quality -- marriage and couples education or parenting education.

Logos>Video-Streaming_LogoRecorded Dec. 2 Video (2 hour length, Window Media Video)
Note: There are 26 minutes of introduction video prior to this program. Move the media player slider bar to the right to skip this introduction screen.

Logos>Video-Streaming_LogoRecorded Dec. 9 Video (2 hour length, Window Media Video)
Note: There are 20 minutes of introduction video prior to this program. Move the media player slider bar to the right to skip this introduction screen.

For more information, go to the conference Web site or contact Dr. Charlotte Shoup Olsen, colsen@oznet.ksu.edu


KSRE Events: March 1, 2005

Presented by: Dr. Elizabeth Pivonka
      President of the PRODUCE FOR BETTER HEALTH Foundation, which is devoted to improving the health of Americans by increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in people's diets; and chair of the Steering Committee of the national 5 A Day -- for Better Health Program.