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  Environmental farm planning is a relatively new concept. The idea for environmental planning builds on previous programs for assessment such as the Farm-A-Syst Program.

  The River Friendly Farm program is designed to be farmer-driven. It offers solutions to problems and solutions in soil conservation, nutrient, pest, and livestock waste management.

  This site is designed to provide help from staff and resources at Kansas State University.


Kansas River Valley - Local Food

Kansas River Valley - October Talk

Organic Agriculture Course

Organic Gardening 301

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Clean Streams for Kansas - this is an interactive program from the Kansas Environmental Leadership Program (KELP) on improving water quality in Kansas.
Note: This program is best viewed with Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser using a fast Internet connection. A dial-up connection will work but be patient while images render,

Kansas Water - a Web site devoted to educating Kansans to the importance of water quality.


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