Orienting PDC Members
Orientation is the process of familiarizing volunteers with Extension and their new duties. Orientation begins with the first contact between a volunteer and the Extension staff. The orientation step is fundamental to getting the best and most from Extension volunteers.
PDC Member Position Description, PDC-5 (1/2015): For new or existing members, this is a resource designed to explain the role of a PDC member.

Serving as a Member of a Program Development Committee, PDC-4 (1/2015): This resource will help you become oriented to the expectations and responsibilities of being a program development committee. It also explains the formation of PDCs and planning educational programming with agents.
The module is a complete set of information for guiding PDC members in their responsibilities. It includes a PowerPoint presentation) complete with presenter's guide and audience handouts) and other resources for expanding PDCs and working with elected officials.

Extension Council Handbook (see pages 10, 11, 21 and 31): This resource details the role of PDCs as a portion of the state and federal laws for Cooperative Extension.

Additional Resources: The following resources have been selected to provide a more in-depth learning, details and supplementary activities to the topics presented on this webpage.
Board Member Resource: Checklist for Success:  Being on a board is important and will take a lot of time.  This checklist helps individuals determine if they are ready to serve on a board.