Youth Development Program Focus Team

Youth Development - utilizing the knowledge of the human growth and development process to create environments that help youth reach their full potential; supporting positive youth development and decreasing problem behaviors in youth (focusing on 4-H aged youth).

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Focus Team:
Youth Development

Jodi Besthorn
Administrative Advisor:
Barbara Stone
Assistant Director:
Barbara Stone

Members: 45

Department/Local Unit
Sedgwick County
Southwest Area
Stafford County
Walnut Creek District
Pratt County
Sedgwick County
McPherson County
Meadowlark District
4-H Youth Development
Marais des Cygnes District
Southeast Area
Cowley County
Riley County
Family Studies and Human Services
4-H Youth Development
Geary County
Reno County
Central Kansas District
Northeast Area
Twin Creeks District
Johnson County
Dickinson County
Rolling Prairie District
Shawnee County
Butler County
Sumner County
Wyandotte County
Meadowlark District
Southwind District
Lyon County
Douglas County
Harvey County
Meadowlark District
Ellis County
Family Studies and Human Services
4-H Youth Development
Leavenworth County
River Valley District
Wildcat District
Barton County
Midway District
4-H Youth Development
Northwest Area
Administration - Academic Programs
Post Rock District