Adult Development and Aging Program Focus Team

Adult Development and Aging - addressing issues related to growth and change across the adult lifespan, including attitudes about aging, intergenerational relationships, family caregiving, planning for long term care and end-of-life issues.

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Focus Team:
Adult Development and Aging

Anna Muir
Libby Curry
Administrative Advisor:
Chris Onstad
Assistant Director:
Paula Peters

Members: 20

Department/Local Unit
Rawlins County
Scott County
Northwest Area
Sedgwick County
Human Nutrition
Stevens County
McPherson County
Meade County
Phillips-Rooks District
Kiowa County
Meadowlark District
Northwest Area
Administration - Assistant Director
Family Studies and Human Services
Butler County
Ford County
Reno County
Woodson County
River Valley District
Family Studies and Human Services