Community Development Program Focus Team

Community Development - attaining attitudes, skills and abilities for
community development.

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Focus Team:
Community Development

David Key
Bruce Chladny
Administrative Advisor:
David Procter
Assistant Director:
Gregg Hadley

Members: 30

Department/Local Unit
Agricultural Economics
Kearny County
Administration - Associate Director
Wyandotte County
Hodgeman County
Community Development
Shawnee County
Central Kansas District
Rawlins County
Ag and Natural Resources
Family Studies and Human Services
Sedgwick County
Meadowlark District
Agricultural Economics
Wildcat District
Ag and Natural Resources
Johnson County
Douglas County
Southwind District
Communications and Agricultural Education - News Media and Marketing Services
Center Engagement Comm Develop
Ag and Natural Resources
Frontier District
Ag and Natural Resources
Reno County
Grant County
Riley County
Local Government
Administration - Dean and Director
Communications and Agricultural Education - Publishing