Description of Data Collected        

All measurements were taken on 5 plants and averages are reported.

  • Plant Height: measured (cm) from the bottom of the pot to the top of the foliage canopy
  • Plant Width: average of two measurements (cm) per plant of foliage canopy width taken at right angles to each other
  • Inflorescence Diameter: average of diameters measured (cm) on two, fully-expanded inflorescences per plant
  • Number of Inflorescences: number of primary inflorescences per plant
  • Floral Development: scale of 1-7 as illustrated below

1.) All green leaves/bracts

2.) Bracts starting to color 

Description of Data Photos>1FlowerDevelopment 

Description of Data Photos>2FlowerDevelopment 

3.) Bracts starting to color + cyathia visible

4.) Bracts fully colored + cyathia visible 

Description of Data Photos>3FlowerDevelopment 

Description of Data Photos>4FlowerDevelopment 

5.) Bracts fully colored + some
cyathia shedding pollen

6.) All cyathia shedding pollen

Description of Data Photos>5FlowerDevelopment 

Description of Data Photos>6FlowerDevelopment 

7.) Seed pod formation

Description of Data Photos>7FlowerDevelopment