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Recertification Credit Hours for Kansas Commercial Applicator Recertification:

June 20, 2003 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the Kansas Recertification Credit Hour program for recertification of Kansas commercial applicators. This program should provide flexibility and somewhat customized recertification for commercial applicators, especially those in the specialized categories for which we, in Extension, have limited training personnel. Training will still be required to cover ‘core material’ and ‘pest management’ materials.

Depending on the recertification category or sub-category each applicator will need to accrue 4, 6, or 8 hours of credit for each category they are certified for before the expiration of current certification. Applicators whose certification expires on December 31, 2005 must meet the new credit requirements in order to recertify for 2006-2008 or retest. This also means the new requirements will impact anyone who entered certification or recertified during 2003.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) Pesticide and Fertilizer Program encourages all commercial applicators to look ahead at the various meetings and training programs they plan to attend. If materials covered in the meeting agenda appear to qualify for Recertification Credits, recommend to the meeting sponsor to apply for Recertification Credit Hours. Topics that cover “Core credits” include aspects of pesticide safety, labels, environmental concerns, or laws and regulations. Specialized pest control, pertaining to the use of pesticides for specific categories or subcategories, may qualify for the specific “Pest management credits”.

The program sponsors will need to have their programs pre-approved for Recertification Credit Hours and will also be responsible for identifying which categories the training would apply to. 

For more details see Certification Hours needed for renewal, Visit the KDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Program website, or call the Pesticide and Fertilizer Program at 785-296-3786.