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Draft Strategic Proposals

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In the second meeting of the Extension Strategic Planning Committee, the planning committee members generated and prioritized ideas of what to preserve, improve, set aside, and create. Those are listed under Ideas for Future Development. These ideas were then drafted into statements of recommendation for the Extension Web audience to respond to. The introductory paragraph in each topic area is a statement of belief based on the feedback of the group of what is important to preserve. The bulleted statements in each category are summary statements drafted with the intent of capturing the essence of the priority Ideas for Future Development.

The next step in the planning process is very important. We would like you to respond to the following questions:

1. Do these statements fairly and fully capture the essence of what was suggested as the priority Ideas for Future Development? If not, what needs to be changed or emphasized?

2. Do you have thoughts or recommendations on how to implement the bulleted recommendations?

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Organizational Structure and Staffing
The Extension mission of K-State Research & Extension is governed by a Kansas statute that empowers elected county and district councils with the authority and responsibility to assess local needs and conduct a local educational program in cooperation with Kansas State University. We believe a strong network of local agents and volunteers linked to Kansas State University specialists is necessary to conduct high quality educational programs. This network facilitates quick communication of local needs as well as delivering resources and expertise to the local community.

  • Increase the reach of Extension programs to the diverse audiences across Kansas through minority hires and programs that target minority audiences.
  • Enhance Extension professionals’ capacity and professional development by developing new areas of expertise and adopting methodologies to deliver premier, outcome-based Extension educational programs.
  • Enhance engagement with local Extension Boards and Program Development Committees.
  • Eliminate boundaries across the system that impair the delivery of high impact educational programs. 

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Resource Development
We believe K-State Research & Extension has the obligation to provide educational programs that will always be available to all Kansas people. We believe the resources obtained from federal, state, and local public sources are vital to preserving the quality and integrity of the Cooperative Extension mission.

  • Increase financial resources through greater access to public and private sources.
  • Enhance stakeholder/leader relationships with K-State Research & Extension, especially at local and state levels.
  • Expand educational approaches to resolving relevant, priority issues and meeting needs through collaborations and partnerships with external organizations and agencies. 

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Education and Information Development and Dissemination
We believe the integrated network of local, regional, and campus-based expertise is vital to the quality and relevance of timely information delivery to further address the interests and needs of constituents. We believe the integration of research, technology transfer, and Extension educational programming provides a sustainable model to fulfill our mission. We believe the ultimate outcome of Research & Extension programs must be to improve the quality of life and economic well being of Kansans.

  • Enhance grass roots communication to guide and influence Extension programs to address relevant local issues.
  • Focus on best educational approaches through appropriate technology in the delivery of educational programs.
  • Strengthen engagement of Extension professionals in discussions of community-based issues. 

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Constituency Development and Marketing
We believe the K-State Research & Extension brand should convey quality, research-based, relevant information and educational programs that enhance the quality of life and the economic well being of Kansans. We believe Kansas constituents expect opportunities for personal development through Extension programs provided by local volunteers, agents, specialists, the land-grant university system, and USDA.

  • Enhance the public image of K-State Research & Extension.
  • Enhance program reach to non-traditional, under-served, minority audiences.
  • Enhance communication of intended outcomes to all Kansas people.
  • Communicate to all employees the importance and relevance of work, and the necessary cooperation to fulfill the comprehensive mission of K-State Research & Extension.

NEXT Steps:
As indicated in the planning timeline and process, these draft ideas will go back to the strategic planning committee on December 1 for refinement. The strategic planning committee will then also be given a chance to identify ideas on how to implement the recommendations. Please submit feedback to these drafted statements before December 1 so that your thoughts can contribute to the planning process.

Thank you,

Ron Alexander and Dan Kahl,
Process facilitators

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