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Home Venting FAQ's

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Building Envelope


What are the suggested R-values for the various components of a home?

Which areas in a home would benefit the most from insulation?

How can I seal and insulate the opening for a whole-house fan?

Windows and Doors

What are some common window types and their characteristics?

How can I choose a replacement window that will give good performance at a reasonable price?

What plants are best for shading west windows?


Which is the better method for insulating basement walls: exterior or interior insulation?


Where are the most critical air leaks in a home?

What is an air barrier, or house wrap?

How effective is covering windows with plastic at sealing a window?


Can I close some of my attic vents during the winter?

How important is crawl space venting?

Vapor Barrier

What is a vapor barrier?

Lighting and Appliances


Are $10 compact fluorescent lamps cost-effective?

What is the best exterior lighting source?

Water Heating

What should I look for when buying a new water heater?

How do you select the proper size for a water heater?

How can I reduce my water heating costs?


Will a ceiling fan help save energy?

Can you tell me the difference between an attic fan and a whole-house fan?

What should I consider before purchasing a whole-house fan?

Other Applications

What can you tell me about the new front-loading washing machines?

What can the ENERGYGUIDE tell me about purchasing a new refrigerator?

What is the cost of operating a home computer system?

What should I do with my humidifier during the summer?

Space Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning

Is it cost-effective to buy high-efficiency, air-conditioning units?

What can I do to reduce summer air-conditioning costs? (Part I)

What can I do to reduce summer air-conditioning costs? (Part II)


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