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More about the Southwest Area Extension Office

The Southwest Area is composed of 24 counties with 45 agent positions, 5 program assistants and 25 office professionals.

The Southwest Area office is located in the Southwest Research-Extension Center at 4500 E. Mary Street in Garden City. There are nine specialist positions with extension assignments, two office professionals, an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) agent, and an Extension Assistant. Our current staff members include:

  • SW area coverage map

    Bertha Mendoza, EFNEP agent;

  • Debra Bolton, Family and Consumer Sciences;

  • Doo-Hong Min, Crops and Soils

  • Rod Buchele, 4-H and Youth Development;

  • Isaya Kisekka, Irrigation Research Engineer

  • John Holman, Cropping Systems;

  • Jonathan Aguilar, Water Resource Engineer;

  • Justin Waggoner, Beef Systems;

  • Sarah Zukoff, Field Crops Entomologist;

  • Lynn Harshbarger, office professional;

  • Norma Cantu, office professional;

  • Kent Shaw, extension assistant, Mobile Irrigation Lab project coordinator;

  • And our agricultural economics position is currently vacant.

The area director provides administrative assistance to the 24 counties in the area and supervision for the area office faculty and staff.  The area specialists provide program assistance to 26 counties (24 in the southwest area plus Harper and Kingman in the Northeast administrative area) and often contribute to the statewide educational efforts in their areas of expertise. Local units provide timely, relevant, and effective educational programming for the residents of their counties.


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