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2012 Report to the Legislature



K-State Olathe Promises New Opportunities

legislative report>OlatheK-State Olathe has hosted 364 events and more than 7,000 people since opening in April, 2011. The university has invested $34 million into the building and benefit district, and is developing relationships with local businesses and school districts; and state, national and international industries.

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Coaching Strategies Energize Communities

legislative report>PRIDE CoachingIn 2010, Kansas PRIDE communities worked with 441 partner organizations, and completed more than 1,000 community improvement projects statewide. With the help of a matching grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, K-State Research and Extension soon will introduce Community Development Academies.

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Managing Resources to Meet Needs

legislative report>Irrigating OgallalaK-State researchers are helping producers manage their water needs to maintain or increase crop water productivity, while coping with declining well yields and conserving groundwater. Studies of corn yields suggest that 1 inch of irrigation water yield more than $100 million of crop value for the Kansas economy.

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Working with Communities Toward Common Goals

legislative report>ReadingWith an office in every county, K-State is a trusted, reliable resource to meet the needs of communities. Local education efforts begin with local residents, organizations and agencies who bring forth ideas and needs to agents and specialists.

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