K-State Research and Extension
Turf and the Environment

Current and Future Technologies for Better Turf Management


This session's speakers will help you understand how proper turfgrass management contributes to a better environment.  You’ll learn information that will help you communicate with clients regarding current and future issues facing the turf industry.


2-2:45 -- Turfgrass’s niche in a green society. Presentation followed by Q&A.

Presented by Jack Fry

You may think you know how turf maintenance practices affect the environment, but you could be wrong.  Dr. Fry will present research-based facts regarding turf’s impact on the environment.


2:45-3:15 -- Controlling weeds without traditional herbicides: Can it be done? Presentation followed by Q&A.

Presented by Steve Keeley

Weeds are an ongoing problem in the turf landscape, and there are some new non-herbicide alternatives that have been introduced.  Dr. Keeley will let you know how effective they are.


3:15-3:30 -- Break


3:30-4:30 -- Smart irrigation controllers: Can they outsmart us to achieve water conservation in landscapes? Presentation followed by Q&A.

Presented by Michael Dukes, University of Florida

Dr. Dukes is an expert on smart irrigation controllers which use weather-based information to guide irrigation in the landscape.  Based upon research he’s done on Florida landscapes, he’ll let you know how well they work.


4:30-4:45 -- Break


4:45-5:30 -- In-ground systems:  the good, the bad, and the ugly. Presentation followed by QA.

Presented by Dale Bremer

A survey of residents of Salina, Wichita, and Olathe revealed some eye-opening information regarding in-ground irrigation systems and how they’re used by homeowners. Come hear the whole story from Dr. Bremer.


6:00-7:30 -- Oktoberfest Turfgrass Tailgate meal




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