K-State Research and Extension
2012 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference

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Breakout Session 3

Wednesday, October 17: 3:30 to 4:15 p.m.


3A — How Am I Doing?  Understanding and Achieving Your Long-Term Financial Goals

Debra Wood, Geary County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
Matt Puttroff, TIAA-CREF

Helping employees prepare for retirement and address conflicting savings needs by answering such questions as:

  • Am I saving enough for retirement?
  • How can I save more?
  • Am I investing appropriately to meet my goals? and
  • Should I consider changing my investment mix?

Will also discuss the importance of organizing personal financial information, setting personal financial goals, and devising tolerable investing strategies to help meet those goals.


3B — 4-H Science in Action — Tech Trunks

Susan Schlichting, Ellis County 4-H Youth Development Agent
Amy Sollock, Edwards County 4-H Youth Development Agent
Kaitlyn Peine, Johnson County 4-H Youth Development Agent

The 4-H Science initiative requires that we look for new and creative ways to integrate science inquiry into 4-H programs for youth and volunteers. Come check out a new resource available to help staff strengthen science programming efforts. “Tech Trunks” will provide agents and 4-H volunteers with inquiry-based science activities to “grab & go” in a variety of settings.


3C — Communication Strategy: Technical Tips and Techniques

Sarah Hancock, Technical Editor
Elaine Edwards, Media Relations and Marketing Services Coordinator
Russ Feldhausen, Microcomputer Support Technician
Nancy Zimmerli-Cates, Publishing Coordinator, Communications and Agricultural Education

Tips and  techniques for using social media, the K-State Research and Extension style guide, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, and other resources and methods. Participants will leave the conference with a strategy in mind and some practical tips to accomplish the goal of entering our audience's channels and communicating research-based information.


3D — Park Quest: A Tool to Assist Families in Exploring Their Community

Jennifer Wilson, Riley County Director
Kylie Ludwig, Wildcat District Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Resource Management, and Community Development Agent;
Jan Steen, Reno County Community Development/Technology Agent

Participants will learn how several K-State Research and Extension offices have worked with local partners to offer a summer program called Park Quest. When families sign up to be a part of Park Quest they are given a passport.  Their goal is to visit Park Quest destinations throughout the summer and spend some time there as a family. At each location families complete an activity, stamp the passport or find a geo cache.  Families who turn in a completed passport at the end of the program are entered into a drawing for a prize. 

The program has been offered in Riley, Labette, and Reno counties. Will discuss how the program originated, and how it has been carried out in each location. Participants will learn how they can replicate the program in their county and measure the program outcomes.


3E — Finney and Kearny Counties Health/Well-Being, and Social Capital Study

Debra Bolton Southwest Area Family and Consumer Sciences Specialist

Studies were conducted in two rural Kansas communities with Hispanic populations ranging from 30 to 51 percent. The goal was to understand how growing, foreign-born populations, as compared to Anglo populations in rural Kansas, experienced different levels of health, well-being, and social connectedness/community involvement. Surveys were sent to selected households in English and Spanish, focus groups were conducted in four languages (English, Spanish, Burmese, and Somali), and online surveys were offered. Implications of the results will be discussed along with recommendations to reach these populations with extension educational programs.


3F — Decision Tools to Help Producers Make Important Decisions

Sandy Johnson, Northwest Area Livestock Production Specialist; Troy Dumler, Southwest Area Agricultural Economist

This session will provide an overview of the tools available from the Livestock and Farm Management Program Focus Teams to assist livestock producers in making decisions on their operations.

3G Extension Specialist Orientation: Promotion and Tenure Considerations

Gregg Hadley, Assistant Director for Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Community Development, Moderator;
Joel DeRouchey, Animal Sciences and Industry;
Dale Fjell, Northwest Area;
Joe Harner, Biological and Agricultural Engineering;
Megan Kennelly, Plant Pathology;
Kris Boone, Communications and Agricultural Education;
Curt Thompson, Agronomy

A facilitated discussion with select tenured specialists, department heads, and K-State Research and Extension and College of Agriculture administrators.


Also see other breakout sessions: Session 1 | Session 2