K-State Research and Extension
2012 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference

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Wednesday, October 17: 2:15 p.m. to 3 p.m.


2A — Kansans and the Affordable Care Act

Debra Wood, Geary County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
Suzi Lenker, Kansas Insurance Department

The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act but what does that mean for Kansans? Portions of the act are already in place, but we will continue to receive questions as the rest of the law is implemented, especially as we near 2014 when some consumers must begin selecting health insurance through Health Insurance Exchanges. This session will bring you up-to-date on what is coming, how it will affect Kansans, and how we might be able to partner to educate and assist our clientele.


2B — Preparing the Next Generation of Scientists through 4-H Projects

4-H Youth Development Program Focus Team

In order to feed 9 billion people by 2050, we must attract students and train them in the food and agricultural sciences. The 4-H program has a strong legacy in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). This session will highlight how 4-H projects can help spark an interest, light a fire, and inspire youth to not only value agriculture but aspire to food and agricultural sciences careers.


2C — Communication Strategy: Hands-on Workshop

Sarah Hancock, Technical Editor
Elaine Edwards, Media Relations and Marketing Services Coordinator
Russ Feldhausen, Microcomputer Support Technician
Nancy Zimmerli-Cates, Publishing Coordinator, Communications and Agricultural Education

A hands-on workshop to help participants immediately apply what they learned in Session 1C, using an example from their own county, district, field, or area of expertise.


2D — Participatory Community Planning — Kansas PRIDE

Trudy Rice, Community Development State Program Leader
David Key, Meadowlark District Director
Debra Bolton, Southwest Area Family and Consumer Sciences Specialist

Nadine Sigle, Post Rock District Family and Consumers Sciences Agent

Participants will learn about the community planning process used in the PRIDE program and how they can work with their local communities on strategic planning using these tools for community improvement and sustainability issues.  This planning process includes: Assessment, Visioning, Goal setting, Action planning, Execution, Celebration, and Evaluation.

Participants also will become familiar with the Community Capitals model as a framework for community planning and learn about the updated PRIDE program impacts and structure.


2E — Kansas Community Gardens: Growing New Roots

Evelyn Neier, 4-H Youth Development Associate Specialist
Carey Rivard, Fruit and Vegetable Specialist
Frannie Miller, Pesticide Safety and Integrated Pest Management Coordinator

Community gardens help individuals and families, kids as well as adults, come together, learn from each other, and grow their own produce. Learn about the different models for community gardens, how to move through the planning process to the gardening phase, and how to ensure your garden is viable for the future. Find out more about the Kansas Community Garden Grants program, a joint project of K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Health Foundation, that helps provide funds to establish new community gardens.


2F — Feed Availability Today and in the Future: How Will the Affected Ag Industries Adapt?

Sandy Johnson, Northwest Area Livestock Production Specialist
Troy Dumler, Southwest Area Agricultural Economist

This session will focus on the impact that the 2012 Drought will have on the Livestock and Ethanol Industries. High input costs have affected both industries. How much change will occur in each industry?  It will include short presentations from members of the Livestock and Farm Management Program Focus Teams, who will also facilitate the discussion.

2G — Extension Specialist Orientation: Working with Local Agent Colleagues

Jason Griffin, Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources, Moderator;
Dana Belshe, Sunflower District;
Holly Dickman, Ellis County;
Brent Goss, Ellsworth County;
Larry Hollis, Animal Sciences and Industry;
Jody Holthaus, Meadowlark District;
Danny Rogers, Biological and Agricultural Engineering;
Bill Wood, Douglas County

A facilitated discussion with select local agents. 


Also see other breakout sessions: Session 1 | Session 3