K-State Research and Extension
How to read .epub files

Windows / Mac / Linux
1) If you do not have a program to read ePub files on your computer, we 
recommend downloading Adobe Digital Editions from
        a) When setting up Adobe Digital Editions it will ask you to "Authorize 
Computer" to read DRM protected files.
        Choose the option labeled "Don't Authorize Computer" and press Activate to 
bypass that step.

2) If needed, download the ePub file to your computer.

3) Double-click the ePub file to open it. It should open automatically in 
Adobe Digital Editions (or another compatible ePub reader).

Apple iPad / iPod / iPhone
1) Make sure you have the iBooks App installed. If not, you can download it 
for free from the iTunes store.

2) Open the ePub file by either pressing the link on a webpage or selecting 
it in an email if it is attached. You can also open ePub files that are 
stored in a file syncing program such as Dropbox or SpiderOak. Make sure you
choose the "Open in 'iBooks'" option.

1) If you do not have an App that will open ePub files, you can download and
install the Aldiko app from the Android Market.

2) Save the ePub file to the SD Card or internal storage on your device. You
can accomplish this by pressing and holding a link on a webpage and choosing
"Save Link" or by selecting the attachment in an email. Also, most file 
syncing programs have a way to save files directly to your device. Finally, 
on many devices you can use your computer to place files directly on the SD 
Card or internal storage.

3) Open Aldiko, and go to the App's home screen.

4) Choose the SD Card option, and navigate to your file. It may be in a 
folder called "Downloads" or in a folder for your file sync program. You can
also press the "Up" arrow at the upper right of the screen to go up a level 
in your device's internal storage. Unfortunately, each device is different 
and the process is a bit different for each device.

5) Select the file, and choose "Open" to read it. You may also choose 
"Import to Aldiko" to add the file to Aldiko's library.

For assistance call (785) 532-6270 or e-mail ksresupport@ksu.edu