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Social Media: Branding K-State Research and Extension

The following guidelines will help us represent ourselves and K-State Research and Extension effectively in blogs, social networks, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

Since we are public employees, we should follow these guidelines for personal and professional use of social media:

  • Add and update photos and content that will catch your audience’s attention.
  • Post updates at least twice a week. Post enough to let users know you care, but not too much to annoy your audience.
  • Post a general email address and phone number when providing contact information. For example, do not list a direct line for an individual in the office unless approval has been received.
  • Do not post confidential or proprietary information about the organization, students, co-workers or others associated with Kansas State University.
  • Gather all facts before you post and make sure your posts are short and to the point. Include links and “tag” others to lead the reader to additional information.
  • Involve your audience. Ask questions in your updates, encourage them to post videos and photos of themselves.
  • Delete profanity to avoid offending others; however, do not delete negative comments. Instead seize the opportunity to provide a response with correct information.
  • Use reciprocal links to other social networking presence(s) and home pages.


Questions about K-State Research and Extension's branding guidelines can be directed to communications, 785-532-5851 or ksrelogos@ksu.edu

Direct inquiries related to use of the university Powercat and wordmark to Trademark Licensing at 785-532-6269, or logos@k-state.edu.

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