K-State Research and Extension
What is 'Branding?'

Something separates K-State Research and Extension from every other organization.

That something is our brand.

Our brand is the impression we leave with the public at every encounter. It’s the impression someone gets when they see, hear or experience anything related to K-State Research and Extension.

Brands have been described as a promise, a trustmark, a warrant; those values that people come to expect from you anytime they see our name, our logo and other representations of K-State Research and Extension. K-State Research and Extension’s wordmark and the slogan, Knowledge for Life, are representations of the brand, symbolizing the attributes that we think make us a worthwhile organization.

Why use this branding guide?

This branding guide introduces K-State Research and Extension's branding strategy and helps employees understand the correct ways to represent the brand and strengthen our image with the world. We all can help make K-State Research and Extension a well-known brand.

Where do I come in?

All employees contribute to K-State Research and Extension’s brand every time we greet a customer, give a program, shake a hand, volunteer, answer the phone and other routine activities. In other words, every interaction leaves an impression, and K-State Research and Extension’s goal is to create and reinforce the impression that we are:

• science-based,
• inclusive,
• objective,
• practical,
• community-focused, and
• friendly.


Questions about K-State Research and Extension's branding guidelines can be directed to communications, 785-532-5851 or ksrelogos@ksu.edu

Direct inquiries related to use of the university Powercat and wordmark to Trademark Licensing at 785-532-6269, or logos@k-state.edu.

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