K-State Research and Extension
Download the KSRE Logo and Slogan Online

The K-State Research and Extension wordmarks and slogan are available for official use only.

KSRE employees may download the wordmark and slogan online at www.ksre.ksu.edu/wordmark. These wordmarks may be stored on your computer and shared with co-workers, but you should not share with outside vendors.

External vendors are required to contact K-State’s Office of Trademark Licensing (785-532-6269) anytime they use university wordmarks and/or the Powercat on marketing items, apparel, or other products. You can also send email to logos@k-state.edu

For questions about using approved versions of the wordmark or slogan, call 785-532-5851, or send email to ksrelogos@ksu.edu


Pantone -- PMS 268

Four-color process (CMYK) -- 82/100/0/12

Web and Powerpoint (RGB) -- 81, 40, 136

Hexidecimal (Web color codes) -- #512888

The wordmark can also be used in black (or the darkest color available), or in white if it is in a colored field (the colored field can not be red or blue).


For large format uses of the wordmark or slogan, please contact K-State Research and Extension's publishing unit at 785-532-1142.

Questions about K-State Research and Extension's branding guidelines can be directed to communications, 785-532-5851 or ksrelogos@ksu.edu

Direct inquiries related to use of the university Powercat and wordmark to Trademark Licensing at 785-532-6269, or logos@k-state.edu.

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