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Co-Branding K-State Research and Extension

K-State Research and Extension’s strengths include the variety of programs we offer and the partnerships we have developed.

Partnerships can strengthen the marketing message. This can be referred to as co-branding, which is a strategy to combine the strength of two or more brands for the overall good.

Include partners' logos in newsletters, letters, publications, signs, flyers, brochures and electronic presentations.

Four guidelines for co-branding

Keep separation between elements, on the same level. It is preferred that K-State Research and Extension’s wordmark be located far left of other groups’ logos.

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Maintain proportion between elements. When K-State Research and Extension is the primary sponsor, its wordmark may be enlarged, if desired.

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When K-State Research is a secondary sponsor, the primary sponsor’s logo may be enlarged, if desired. Maintain equal size on other sponsors, if possible.

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Do not introduce new type treatments for K-State Research and Extension wordmarks (for example, backgrounds, “flames” on the Powercat, etc...)


Questions about K-State Research and Extension's branding guidelines can be directed to communications, 785-532-5851 or ksrelogos@ksu.edu

Direct inquiries related to use of the university Powercat and wordmark to Trademark Licensing at 785-532-6269, or logos@k-state.edu.

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