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Justin Waggoner
Justin Waggoner is an assistant professor and beef systems specialist at K-State's Southwest Area Extension Office in Garden City. Waggoner was raised on his family’s farm in central Kansas.
He earned his bachelor’s (2000) and master’s (2001) degrees in animal science from K-State and completed his doctorate in ruminant nutrition at New Mexico State University (NMSU) in 2007.
While pursuing his graduate studies, Waggoner managed the NMSU ruminant nutrition laboratory. His doctoral research evaluated the impacts of morbidity on performance and profitability in feedlot cattle and nutrient utilization in stressed cattle.
Waggoner’s extension program is directed at helping beef cattle producers enhance the sustainability of their operations. His current research interests include evaluating low-input storage of wet distiller’s grains and the utilization of distiller’s grains in sorghum-based rations.