K-State Research and Extension
2010 Spotlight on Beef Cattle
Tuesday, October 19
1:45 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Are Kansas Beef Cows That Big? Recent Trends and Potential Impacts on Returns in Cow-calf Enterprises
1:45-2:10 – Justin Waggoner, Southwest Area beef systems specialist, "Recent trends in beef cattle performance and mature body weight."
2:15- 2:40 – John Jaeger, Agricultural Research Center-Hays beef cattle scientist, "Trends in mature cow weight of the K-State commercial herds and its effect on production traits of their calves."
2:45- 3:10 – Bob Weaber, University of Missouri assistant professor of animal science, "Effects of cow size on returns to the cow-calf enterprise."
3:15-3:30 – Discussion and Wrap-up
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