K-State Research and Extension

Fred A. Cholick, Dean and Director
Administrative Review
August 2004 – February 2009

Click here for the full review document in pdf or doc.

I. Preface ( pdf  or doc )

II. General Expectations for Academic Dean (
pdf  or doc)

III. General Expectations/Goals for Dean of Agriculture (COA) and Director of K-State Research and Extension (KSRE) ( pdf or doc)

IV. Focused Areas of Excellence for COA and KSRE ( pdf  or doc)

V. Selected Accomplishments and Activities ( pdf or doc)

VI. Five-Year Trends ( pdf or doc )

VII. Significant Challenges for the Future (
pdf  or doc)

VIII. Goals Beyond 2008/2009 and Specific Goals for 2009 ( pdf or doc) 



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