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Climate Change: Scientists Report New Results on Mitigating Greenhouse Gas

K-State's Chuck Rice (pictured) spoke at the World Bank in New York City April 16 about new recommendations for mitigating greenhouse gases in agriculture, forestry and other land uses.
Chuck Rice

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K-State Grain Sciences and Industry Proposing Global Food Center

Department head Dirk Maier (pictured) outlines a plan for future growth, which proposes shared facilities with the American Institute of Baking.
Maier Global Center

Feeding the Future: K-State's Mason Says Global Food System is Complex

K-State provost and nutrition researcher April Mason (pictured) says K-State and other universities are key in finding ways to curb food waste, improve food distribution, and recognize where genetically-modified foods fit into the picture.
April Mason
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K-State's Sorghum Research Aims at Extending Water Resources

Compared to corn or soybeans (the other major summer row crops in western Kansas), grain sorghum requires less water to make a decent yield and handles stress better. No other crop makes such efficient use of available water and consistently generates income as a cash crop under such a wide range of soil and weather conditions.

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