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Plan ahead for business succession

Passing a family business to the next generation can be difficult — both for the retiree and for younger family members.
To help Kansas farm and ranch families plan for succession, K-State Research and Extension and Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services are teaming up to offer five “Planning for Farm and Ranch Succession” conferences. Meeting dates and locations include:
  •     Jan. 5 — Allen Community College, Iola
  •     Jan. 10 — Pratt Community College, Pratt
  •     Jan. 16 — Kansas Farm Bureau Plaza, Manhattan;
  •     Jan. 17 — Flint Hills Technical Colleg, Emporia
  •     March 3 — K-State Agricultural Research Center, Hays
More information, including online registration, is available at Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services.

4-H hall inducts first Kansas volunteer

Marilyn Pence Galle was one of 14 inductees from across the country recognized by the National 4-H Hall of Fame this year.Marilyn Pence Galle, Manhattan, was one of 14 inductees from across the country recognized in October by the National 4-H Hall of Fame in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Galle has volunteered as a club and project leader, served on the McPherson County Extension Council, worked as a 4-H Program Committee Leader, and chaired the McPherson County 4-H Advisory Committee. She joined the Kansas 4-H Foundation board in 1984, serving as chair from 2000 to 2004. For three decades she has provided counsel to the Rock Springs 4-H Center Advisory Committee, and she’s among the top lifetime donors to the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

ACA open enrollment through Feb. 15

Kansans who want to use the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace for 2015 coverage should review plans carefully, based on the options they need. The Affordable Care Act enrollment period lasts through Feb. 15, 2015. Consumers can explore options online at healthcare.gov.
Medicare and many private insurers also use fall enrollment periods for clients to renew or change coverage for the coming year.
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Oak leaf itch mites cause painful rash

Oak leaf itch mites, which produce itchy and often painful bites, have been found in Riley County, Kansas. The mites develop in the galls of some oak If you or family members experience an itchy rash and pain after raking leaves or going for a walk, the oak leaf itch mite could be the culprit. Although small, its bite can cause raised, red areas with a small centralized blister. The effect of the bite typically shows up 10 to 16 hours after it occurs. Scratching the itch often leads to pain, rather than providing relief.
Although uncomfortable, the bites do not usually require medical treatment. Calamine lotion or other topical treatments can be used for itch relief.

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