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July 09, 2009
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Know Right Way to Thaw Meat

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Forget to take the meat, poultry or fish for supper out of the freezer?

“Stress not,” said Karen Blakeslee, a Kansas State University Research and Extension food scientist. “Using a quick-thaw method is preferable to allowing frozen meat, poultry or fish to thaw during the day on a kitchen counter.” 

Thawing frozen foods at room temperature invites bacterial growth, Blakeslee said.

To quick-thaw frozen meat, poultry or fish, place the package under cold running water or in a larger bowl of cold water. Change the water frequently – every 30 minutes – until the product is thawed, and then proceed with cooking.

To quick-thaw frozen meat, poultry or fish in a microwave, remove packaging and place the product in a microwave-safe dish. Follow manufacturer’s directions, but be aware that thawing meat, poultry or fish in a microwave oven begins the cooking process, which will need to be completed, the food scientist said.

Planning ahead is preferable, said Blakeslee, who recommended placing a wrapped, frozen roast, package of ground beef, chops, chicken, or fish in a pan with a lip on the lower shelf of the refrigerator to thaw for a day or two before intended use.

Allow up to three days for a two-to-three-pound roast, she said.

More information about food, food safety and storage is available at county and district Extension offices and at: www.ksre.ksu.edu/foodsafety and www.rrc.ksu.edu. Blakeslee, who is coordinator of K-State’s Rapid Response Center, spends her working hours answering food and food safety questions.



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Story by: Nancy Peterson
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Karen Blakeslee is at 785-532-1673.