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October 16, 2012
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Store Bulbs for Planting Next Year

Including Gladiolus, Dahlia, Tuberous Begonia and Others

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Gardeners should store bulbs that are not winter hardy and save them for planting next year.

K-State Research and Extension horticulturalist Ward Upham recommended digging up gladiolus, caladium, dahlia, tuberous begonia, calla lily and canna lily bulbs after frost browns the foliage.

“Allow them to dry for about a week in a shady, well-ventilated site, such as a garage or tool shed,” Upham said. “Then remove any excess soil and pack them in peat moss, vermiculite or perlite.”

To prevent decay, make sure the bulbs do not touch each other during storage. Upham said dusting the bulbs with a fungicide also prevents rotting.

Most bulbs should be stored at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, except for caladium, which should be stored between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Story by: Bethany Sanderson
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