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December 01, 2011
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Agriculture Today Radio Program Thursday, December 1

K-State rural foresty program coordinator Bob Atchison talks about
evaluating windbreaks for possible renovation: what signs of
windbreak decline to look for, and what it takes to restore a worn-
out windbreak back to full capacity

K-State beef veterinarian Larry Hollis advises cattle producers to be
wary of the quality of water cattle are consuming from drawn-down
ponds this winter...some of the same issues with shallow ponds that
turned up during the drought this past summer could still be
lingering there

New K-State livestock nutritionist Andrea Sexten outlines her new
line of research into managing the fatty acid content of beef through
genetic selection and nutrition management, with the goal of even-
healthier beef products for the consumer

And for this week's horticulture segment, K-State entomologist
Raymond Cloyd talks about preventative maintenance of landscape trees
and lawns against possible insect troubles next spring

Agriculture Today is broadcast each weekday morning at 10:00 on KFRM
Radio, Clay Center (550 AM) and KLOE Radio, Goodland (730 AM), which
collectively reach 75 counties in Kansas, parts of southern Nebraska,
eastern Colorado and northern Oklahoma...the broadcast can also be
heard over the K-State Radio Network web site. See Agriculture Today Radio Archives


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Story by: Eric Atkinson
K-State Research & Extension News