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July 08, 2014
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Agriculture Today Radio Program Tuesday, July 8

K-State crop entomologist Jeff Whitworth looks at the full complement of
insects now at work in Kansas summer crop fields, and the recommendations
for controlling them: in corn, rootworms, earworms and stink bugs; in soybeans,
stem borers, webworms and bean leaf beetles; in alfalfa, potato leafhoppers
and aphids; and in brome, armyworms....he talks about the threats each of
these pose to the respective crops, and at what point, if any, the grower
might contemplate treating them

K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee discusses a new study of exotic grass
species, primarily old world bluestem, encroaching on native grasslands, and
the ensuing impact on prairie wildlife

Agriculture Today is broadcast each weekday morning at 10:00 on KFRM
Radio, Clay Center (550 AM) and KLOE Radio, Goodland (730 AM), which
collectively reach 75 counties in Kansas, parts of southern Nebraska, eastern
Colorado and northern Oklahoma...the broadcast can also be heard over the
K-State Radio Network website. Also see the Agriculture Today archives.


K-State Research and Extension is a short name for the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, a program designed to generate and distribute useful knowledge for the well-being of Kansans. Supported by county, state, federal and private funds, the program has county Extension offices, experiment fields, area Extension offices and regional research centers statewide. Its headquarters is on the K-State campus, Manhattan.

Story by: Eric Atkinson
K-State Research & Extension News