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K-State agricultural specialists and other experts examine agricultural issues facing Kansas and the nation. AGRICULTURE TODAY is a daily program hosted by Eric Atkinson and distributed to radio stations throughout the state. Below are the segments for shows over the last several weeks. See our Affiliates for airtimes. Send comments to ksrenews@ksu.edu.
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Agriculture Today
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- 10/2/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the day's ag news stories.

- 10/2/2015
K-State climatologist Mary Knapp comments on Kansas agricultural weather.

K-State farm management economist Mykel Taylor talks about modifying cropland leases in the wake of the falloff in grain prices...she advises farmer-tenants to not be too hasty in making changes to their current leasing arrangements.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien shares his latest calculations on the likely returns to three different harvest-time grain marketing options for six locations around Kansas, as part of his weekly analysis of the grain markets...he'll also comment on the boost to the wheat market from last Wednesday's USDA small grains summary.

- 10/1/2015
K-State agronomist Ray Asebedo talks about the future of "digital farming," where the majority of field work and input management would be fully automated...his research will revolve around developing the data that will one day drive those systems.

- 10/1/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the day's ag news stories.

Johnson County Extension horticultural agent Dennis Patton talks about fall control of dandelions, henbit and chickweed in home lawns.

The presenter of the 2015 Ellis Lecture on Soil Science at K-State:  an Australian scientist who is a world leader in soil contamination remediation research, Ravi Naidu...he promotes a risk-based approach to contaminant removal from soils, in harmony with production agriculture...one of the main contaminants his research addresses is cadmium resulting from phosphorus applications.

K-State crop entomologist Jeff Whitworth reports on armyworm activity in newly-planted winter wheat, and has the latest on sugarcane aphids in grain sorghum.

The director of the USDA's Hard Winter Wheat Quality Laboratory, Brad Seabourn, talks about the results of the quality evaluation for the 2015 Kansas wheat harvest, and he discusses how grain buyers can easily access this information for their purchasing purposes.

- 9/30/2015
K-State's Gus van der Hoeven presents "Stop, Look and Listen," his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.

K-State agricultural engineer Pat Murphy talks about principles of cattle pen design, and K-State beef systems specialist Jaymelynn Farney provides an update on the Sunflower Supreme Heifer Development Program that she coordinates.

K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby returns with still more last-minute information for winter wheat growers on their insurance decisions for the 2016 winter wheat crop, with the deadline for enrolling coming up tomorrow....he says that virtually all Kansas growers will benefit by taking the trend yield adjustment, and he talks more about the yield exclusion option and whom it favors.

- 9/29/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the day's ag news stories.

- 9/29/2015
K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee talks about the ecological importance of turkey vultures, and he looks at a new study of their migration habit.

K-State precision technology engineer Ajay Sharda talks about a couple of research projects he's been involved with of late:  measuring the application impact of the pulse width modulator field spraying system, and studying the relationship of planter ground speed on seed placement at planting time.

- 9/28/2015
K-State beef specialist Dale Blasi shares several thoughts on stocker calf health which were expressed by a panel of veterinarians at the K-State Beef Stocker Field Day last Thursday.

K-State beef systems specialist Justin Waggoner discusses several principles of fall calf weaning, to assure the smoothest transition possible...with the main theme being minimizing stress on those calves.

Livestock economist Kate Brooks of the University of Nebraska is featured in this week's cattle market segment:  she talks about the continuing slump in fed and feeder cattle prices, and whether she thinks the end is in sight...she also discusses information that she has co-authored on using the Livestock Risk Protection insurance program, in the wake of the current sharp downturn in the markets.

K-State 4-H specialist Deryl Waldren goes over the assortment of 4-H international exchange programs available to Kansas 4-Hers in 2016.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien advises producers on what to consider when deciding whether to store or sell grain post-harvest this fall, and he covers what he sees as the current primary "drivers" of grain prices, during his weekly segment on the grain market trends.

- 9/25/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at today's ag news stories.

K-State weed management specialist Curt Thompson talks about fall herbicide treatments against two leading noxious weed problems in Kansas crop fields: bur ragweed and field bindweed...he explains why now is the best time to treat against these, which can be done right up to the first frost of the fall.

- 9/25/2015
K-State climatologist Mary Knapp comments on Kansas agricultural weather.

K-State crop nutrient specialist Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz previews the 2015 K-State Agronomy Field Day coming up on Friday, October 9th, which will center on grain sorghum production information, based on an array of K-State research projects.

K-State turfgrass specialist Jared Hoyle tells about variety performance information available from K-State on cool-season grasses, which can help guide one's grass variety selection for planting this fall...he also advises homeowners to be aware of itch mite activity in their yards, and what to do to protect one's self from them.

From the Kansas Department of Education, Kurt Dillon talks about today's observance of Kansas Teach Ag Day, which celebrates agricultural teachers and encourages students to learn about agricultural education as a career choice.

K-State wheat production specialist Romulo Lollato talks about wheat seed size as it relates to seeding rate at planting time...he's urging growers to use seeds per acre as the basis for determining that rate.

- 9/23/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at today's ag news stories.

K-State veterinarian Mike Apley talks about his selection to the new Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, and the objectives of that council in addressing antibiotic issues in human and animal medicine...he will be representing livestock production interests as this council develops scientific-based solutions to the resistance problem.

Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen discusses a recent court ruling on yet another dispute between a farm landlord and a tenant over an oral leasing arrangement...and he looks at a court decision on migratory bird protection which could be very important going forward, in the area of government regulation enforcement.

- 9/23/2015
K-State's Gus van der Hoeven presents "Stop, Look and Listen," his weekly commentary on rural Kansas,

K-State row crop disease specialist Doug Jardine reports on stalk rot disease taking hold in grain sorghum stands around Kansas...he advises growers to check their field now for rot problems, which could be useful information when deciding which fields to harvest first.

K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee looks at a new study of bats feeding on corn insects, and the ensuing impact on eventual corn productivity.

- 9/22/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.

An economist with the Kansas Farm Management Association, K-State's Clint Milliman, talks about a chart he has put together that helps crop producers determine the likely profitability from several crops going forward...it allows the producer to compare their production costs and yield expectations to KFMA trends to get an idea of the profit potential.

- 9/21/2015
K-State 4-H specialist Pam van Horn talks about the Cloverbuds program for the very youngest 4-Hers, with enrollment for the new 4-H year now underway.

K-State livestock specialist Sandy Johnson talks about managing cow herd forages this fall and winter, in light of alfalfa quality issues created by untimely wet weather during this past growing season.

K-State livestock economist Glynn Tonsor tells why he thinks the latest USDA cattle-on-feed report lends some much-needed optimism to the cattle markets, coming off last week's slump in prices...and he talks about his latest feedlot cattle profitability forecast for the rest of this year and well into 2016.

K-State swine specialist Mike Tokach previews the International Swine Feed Efficiency Conference to be co-hosted by K-State next month in Omaha.