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  • Keep Your Barbecue Safe for Everyone to Enjoy
  • Released: June 30, 2015

    BBQ Food Safety Video

    For many people, summer holidays such as the Fourth of July mean enjoying time outdoors and firing up the grill. Elizabeth Boyle, meat safety and quality specialist for K-State Research and Extension, said barbecuing requires some safety practices to ensure everyone enjoys the food and the holiday.

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  • The International Year of Soils: Soils Support Recreation
  • Released: June 26, 2015

    Soils Support Recreation Video

    At Kansas State University’s Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center, located north of Manhattan, even the occasional passerby will notice many small plots that showcase a variety of recreational fields. From athletic fields where players would take part in soccer, for example, to a putting green that meets United States Golf Association specifications, K-State Research and Extension turfgrass specialist Jared Hoyle studies all sorts of turfgrass systems.

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  • Poultry Stop Movement Order in Kansas Means No Contests This Year
  • Released: June 16, 2015

    The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s move to protect the Kansas poultry industry from avian flu by issuing a stop movement order was an important biosecurity step, but it means more than 2,000 Kansas 4-H members will have to be creative with how they complete their poultry projects.

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  • Spring Rainfall Causes Late Tillers in Some Kansas Wheat
  • Released: June 11, 2015

    Recent abundant rainfall resulted in a flush of new growth in some Kansas wheat fields, sparking development of late-developing tillers. In some areas, the new tillers have created a second canopy of green heads along with the main canopy of ripe heads, according to Kansas State University’s Jim Shroyer.

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