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  • Kansas Wheat Yield Calculator App Available
  • Released: December 15, 2014

    Imagine that a simple photo of your wheat, with just a few bits of additional information, can accurately predict future yield. A new app, called the Kansas Wheat Yield Calculator App, is allowing this to happen with ease from smart devices.

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  • 4-H Livestock Management at Your Fingertips
  • Released: December 11, 2014

    Record keeping for a 4-H livestock project might involve collecting receipts from the feed store in an envelope or making notes on a feed sack in the barn. But, a new venture for 4-H—a livestock project record app—is allowing members to use their smart devices to keep easier track of their records.

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  • It Can be Catching: Community Vitality Boost Coming to NW Kansas
  • Released: December 08, 2014

    Northwest Kansas communities are gaining a new resource whose focus will be on training and supporting people as they work for the common good in those communities. And when good is happening, it can be catching.

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  • World Soil Day: Celebrate the Many Benefits of Soil Dec. 5
  • Released: December 03, 2014

    World Soil Day Dec. 5, 2014 Video

    In a lab at Kansas State University, soil microbiologist Chuck Rice pours red-colored water from a flask through a funnel filled with soil. After several seconds, the water drips from the funnel into a beaker, but this time the water runs clear. The demonstration shows how soil can improve water quality, but that’s only one of the many benefits of this often-overlooked, finite natural resource.

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