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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Robert Fraley, the executive vice president and chief technology officer for Monsanto, has been chosen to be the first speaker in Kansas State University’s Henry C. Gardiner Global Food Systems Lecture series.

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Gregg Hadley, Planning a Farm Succession

First of a three-part series on farm succession, K-State Ag Economist Gregg Hadley explains the importance of having a good plan that favors all parties before starting a farm succession.


Healthy Yards: Marcescence

You may have noticed quite a few trees that are still full of leaves—in some cases, they may even be right next to trees that are completely bare. K-State Research and Extension horticulturist Ward Upham explains this rare phenomenon, and what caused it.

Virus Disease Resistance In Wheat

K-State plant geneticist, Harold Trick, and USDA plant pathologist, John Fellers, report on a major advance in developing virus disease resistance in wheat, using genetic engineering to build a durable defense in wheat varieties against a host of costly diseases, including wheat streak mosaic, barley yellow dwarf and soil borne mosaic.


Released: December 17, 2014
Released: December 17, 2014


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December 19: Dan O'Brien, Mark Fowler and Mary Knapp

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Good Communication at Farm Succession

Part two of a three-part series, Charlotte Shoup Olson, K-State Research and Extension family system specialist, explains the importance of having open communications among family members during a farm succession.

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