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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Soils Support Health, International Year of Soils Video

More than a billion different bacteria, fungi, archaea and protists live in a single teaspoon of soil. While it might be difficult to imagine miles and miles of these microscopic organisms, called microbes, in that tiny teaspoon, perhaps even more interesting is scientists only know about 1 percent of them.

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Current Cattle Cycle, and Rate

Montana State University livestock economist, Gary Brester, talks about where the beef industry stands in the current cattle cycle, and the rate at which cattle numbers might grow in the next couple of years.


Runoff in Kansas Watersheds

With the increase of algal blooms in Kansas lakes, K-State agronomist, Nathan Nelson, is researching on how to control runoff from agricultural fields in watersheds.



K-State Soybean App

K-State crop production specialist, Ignacio Ciampitti, tells about the brand-new phone app from K-State that provides an on-the-spot estimation of a given soybean field's yield potential.


Released: August 26, 2015
Released: August 26, 2015


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Agriculture Today Radio Program 
August 28: Dan O'Brien, Romulo Lollato and Mary Knapp

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Good Communication at Farm Succession

Part two of a three-part series, Charlotte Shoup Olson, K-State Research and Extension family system specialist, explains the importance of having open communications among family members during a farm succession.

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