Installing the MIL Tool Kit

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Complete the following steps to install the MIL Toolkit software on your computer.  If you encounter an error during the installation process, shut down all other programs that may be running, then try the installation process again.  If the error persists, please email Danny Rogers at or contact him by telephone at (785) 532-5813.

*Any existing KanSched fields that you've created with a previous version of KanSched will not be lost. This program will simply install or update your current version of KanSched to version 1.2.


After reading the instructions, click here to start installing: Setup.exe


1. Locate the file Setup.exe file on the CD or by clicking the link above. If you click the link above, depending upon your browser, you will be asked to either save the file to your hard drive or to open/run the file from its location.  We recommend that you save the file to a location on your computer, then run it from that location.  Be sure to remember which directory you save your file to so that you can locate it when it is finished downloading.

Figure 1.

2. If you chose to save the file to your hard drive, simply locate and double-click the file once the download is complete.  The file will be entitled Setup.exe. The installation program will begin to run.  After a few moments, you should see the screen in figure 1.
3. Click Next to continue.  The next screen asks which directory to install the program to. Click Next to continue with the default directory. To begin installation, click Next. Thatís it!  The computer will install the rest of the software automatically.  When the process is finished, you should see the window in figure 2. Please read the information presented, then click Finish to exit the installation.

Figure 2.

4. To use the software, select them from the Windows Start menu (Start --> Programs --> MIL ToolKit).
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