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Publications and Highlights
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Meat and Food Safety
Meat Grading
Meat Processing & Technology
Handling Wild Game
Meat & Food Storage
Kansas Food Code 1999
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)At-Home Safe Food Handling: It's in Your Hands, MF2465, 165K, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Food Tech: New Tech, Fact Sheet, (Food irradiation and genetic engineering) MF2476, 64K, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Developing Product Lotting and Coding Systems for Small Meat and Poultry Processing Operations, MF2433, 80K, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Developing Product Lotting and Coding Systems for Small Meat and Poultry Processing Operations, Video, SV 445, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Thermometer Calibration Guide, (Laminated Illustration), English & Spanish, MF2439, 152K, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Thermometer Calibration Guide, MF2440, 180K, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)All Hands Need to Wash (Poster reduced to 8.5 x 11 for web display) MF2383, 68K
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Making Ground Beef Patties and Sausage Safer MF2315, 44K, 1998
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Steam Pasteurization to Greatly Reduce the Incidence of Pathogens on Beef Carcasses, MF2314, 54K, 1998
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Food Safety, MF2293 55K, 1997
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Catalase Test--A Rapid Method to Check Sanitation, Video, SV156, 1993
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Microorganisms and Foodborne Illness, MF 2269, 39K, 1997
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Clostridium botulinum and Foodborne Illness, MF 2171, 22K, 1995
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)E. coli 0157:H7 and Foodborne Illness, MF 2138, 20K, 1995
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Quality and Yield Grades for Beef Carcasses, NCR357, 1997
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Food Irradiation, MF2426, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Color and Oxidative Properties of Irradiated Beef, MF2313, 50K, 1998
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Care and Handling of Deer from Field to Table, MF2176, 20K, 1996
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Care and Handling of Game Birds from Field to Table, MF2177, 19K, 1996
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Filling Machines for the Smaller Food Processing Operation, MF2273, 30K, 1997
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Selection and Purchase of Used Food-Processing Equipment, MF2096, 36K, 1996
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Providing Safe Containers for Food Products, MF2183, 32K (Electronic Only), 1996
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Refrigerator Storage, L-805,54K, 1990
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Taxing Electronic Commerce, EP73, 28K (Electronic Only), 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Valuing Beef Tenderness, MF2464, 27K, 2000
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Economic Issues with Natural and Organic Beef, MF2432, 93K, 1999
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Economic Analysis of a New Business, Doing it Right, MF2184, 45K, 1996
bullets_balls_pp_002.gif (326 bytes)Food Code and Update--KDHE Bureau of Consumer Health
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