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Meat Science 

Department of Animal Sciences and Industry



Meat Science Faculty

Dr. Don Kropf
Animal Sciences & Industry
247 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: (785) 532-1235
Fax: (785) 532-7059
E-mail: dkropf@ksu.edu
Specific Research Interests: 
Meat Color (fresh and cooked) and Meat Irradiation, Meat Packaging Systems
Research Areas of Emphasis:
Food Chemistry/Biochemistry
Food Safety (Pre- and Post-Harvest)
Meat Science
Product Development
Faculty Status:
50% Teaching, 50% Research
Undergraduate Faculty
Graduate Faculty
Recent Publications:
Killinger, K.M., M.C. Hunt, R.E. Campbell, and D.H. Kropf. 2000. Factors affecting premature browning during cooking of store-purchased ground beef. J. Food Sci. 55:585-587.

Lawrence, T.E., M.C. Hunt, and D.H. Kropf. 2002. Surface roughening of pre-cooked, cured beef round muscles reduces iridescence. J. Muscle Foods. 13:69-73.

Obuz, E. and D.H. Kropf. 2002. Will blade tenderization decrease iridescence in cooked beef semitendinosus muscle? J. Muscle Foods. 13:75-79.

Sammel, L.M., M.C. Hunt, D.H. Kropf, K.A. Hachmeister, and D.E. Johnson. 2002. Comparison of assays for metmoglobin reducing ability in beef inside and outside semimembranosus muscle. J. Food Sci. 67:978-984.

Sammel, L.M., M.C. Hunt, D.H. Kropf, K.A. Hachmeister, C.L. Kastner, and D.E. Johnson. 2002. Influence of chemical characteristics of beef inside and outside semimembranosus on color traits. J. Food Sci. J. Food Sci. 67:1323-1330.

ASI 777 Meat Technology
ASI 930 Advanced Meat Science (Team Taught)
ASI 902 Topics in Meat Science and Muscle Biology
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