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Meat Science 

Department of Animal Sciences and Industry



Meat Science Faculty

Dr. Melvin Hunt
Animal Sciences & Industry
224 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: (785) 532-1232
Fax: (785) 532-7059
E-mail: mchunt@ksu.edu
Specific Research Interests: 
Chemical and physical properties of fresh and processed meats, especially those related to
myoglobin chemistry,  Meat color, and Color measurement
Research Areas of Emphasis:
Food Safety (Pre- and Post-Harvest)
Muscle Biochemistry
Meat Science
Product Development
Faculty Status:
50% Teaching, 50% Research
Undergraduate Faculty
Graduate Faculty
Recent Publications:
Campbell, R.G., M.C. Hunt, P. Levis, and E. Chambers IV. 2000. Dry-aging effects on palatability of beef strip loins. J. Food Sci. In Press.

Lien, R., M.C. Hunt, S. Anderson, D.H. Kropf, T.M. Loughin, M.E. Dikeman, and J. Velazco. 2001. Effects of endpoint temperature on the internal color of pork patties of different myoglobin form, initial cooking state and quality. J. Food Sci. Accepted.

Sammel, L.M., M.C. Hunt, D.H. Kropf, K.A. Hachmeister, and D.E. Johnson. 2002. Comparison of assays for metmoglobin reducing ability in beef inside and outside semimembranosus muscle. J. Food Sci. 67:978-984.

Sammel, L.M., M.C. Hunt, D.H. Kropf, K.A. Hachmeister, C.L. Kastner, and D.E. Johnson. 2002. Influence of chemical characteristics of beef inside and outside semimembranosus on color traits. J. Food Sci. J. Food Sci. 67:1323-1330.

Lawrence, T.E., M.C. Hunt , and D.H. Kropf.  2002. Surface roughening of precooked, cured beef round muscles reduces iridescence.  J. Muscle Foods 13:69-73.

ASI 350 Meat Science
ASI 610 Processed Meat Operations
ASI 930 Advanced Meat Science
GENAG 500 Food Science Senior Seminar
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