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Meat Science 

Department of Animal Sciences and Industry



Meat Science Faculty

Dr. Liz Boyle
Animal Sciences & Industry
251 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: (785) 532-1247
Fax: (785) 532-7059
E-mail: lboyle@oznet.ksu.edu
Specific Research Interests: 
Meat safety and quality, HACCP, processed meats
Research Areas of Emphasis:
Food Safety (Pre- and Post-Harvest)
Meat Science
Product Development
Quality Assurance
Risk Communication/Education
Faculty Status:
90% Extension, 10% Teaching
Graduate Faculty
Recent Publications:
Hendricks, R.A., Boyle, E.A.E., Kastner, C.L. and Fung, D.Y.C. 2000. Compilation of intervention methods and conditions, and ingredient limits, for controlling Camplyobacter jejuni in meat and poultry products. J. Rapid Methods Automation in Microbiology 8: 285-305.

Mukprasirt, A., Herald, T.J., Boyle, D.L. and Boyle, E.A.E. 2001. Physicochemical and microbiological properties of selected rice flour-based batters for fried chicken drumsticks. Poultry Sci. 80:988-996.

Aramouni, F.M., Boyle, E.A.E. and Yasmin, S. 2001. Chemical, microbial, and sensory evaluation of a frozen kubbee product. J. Food Quality. 24(6):551-561.

Brashears, M., Burson, D., Boyle, L., Aramouni, F., Mann, J., and Murphy, M. 2002. Development and evaluation of an Advanced HACCP workshop for meat processors. Dairy Food Environ. Sanit. 22(12):976-984.

Danler, R.J., Boyle, E.A.E., Kastner, C.L., Thippareddi, H., Fung, D.Y.C. and Phebus, R.K. 2003. Effects of chilling rate on outgrowth of Clostridium perfringens spores in vacuum packaged cooked beef and pork. J. Food Prot.66(3):501-503.

ASI 610 Processed Meat Operations
ASI 690 Principles of HACCP
ASI 791 Advanced Application of HACCP Principles
Workshops and Shortcourses:
Developing and Implementing HACCP in meat, poultry and food plants
Advanced HACCP: Verification, Validation and Auditing
Sanitation and GMP's
Processed Meats short courses
IMLP Meat Science Shortcourse for Mexican Students
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