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History of K-State

In 1863 Kansas State Agriculture College became the first land-grant university in the nation

In 1875, Kansas State Agriculture College moved to its present location

40 acres of the original 160 acres of campus was a plant nursery and utilized as a hands-on teaching and research lab

In 1877, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University donated over 100 species of exotic trees and shrubs to expand the KSAC plant collection

In 1906 Kansas State University purchased a modern Victorian style conservatory which may have Lord & Burnham ties

K-State renovated the Conservatory in 1930 with prefabricated materials from the American Greenhouse Materials Company

The original University Gardens were removed to develop educational buildings and parking lots

In the late 1970’s, K-State decided to move the Conservatory and develop new Gardens around it

In 1978 the conservatory was moved to its current location

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