What is KELP?        

The Kansas Environmental Leadership Program is training for individuals across the state wishing to better understand water issues and improve their leadership skills.  The program is designed to assist participants in enhancing their knowledge of water resources and water quality concerns, regulations, and treatment while becoming more effective leaders. 

KELP graduates will have gained a statewide network of resources that will assist them to educate the public, develop plans, and begin improvements within their communities and watersheds across Kansas. Graduates will be able to initiate and coordinate community education and goal setting, implementation of action plans, and will promote and develop leadership in watersheds across Kansas.

KELP Organization:

  • Sessions are spread over 10 months, each in a different location.
  • Sessions begin at noon the first day and conclude about noon on the third day.
  •  Session locations emphasize regional differences in water resources, water problems, etc.
  •  Class members form teams and choose an environmental project to implement during the class.
  •  The fee covers the cost of meeting materials, hotel accommodations (double occupancy) and meals during the training sessions.  Hotel room reservations are made at the training locations by KELP staff.  Expenses related to travel to the training are not included in the enrollment fee.