Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services
What is the KAMS Program?

The Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services (KAMS) is a service available to Kansas residents who would like assistance with resolving all types of agricultural related issues.  Agricultural producers, their lenders, and other people who have received an adverse decision from any of the USDA agencies including Farm Services Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Rural Development are encouraged to utilize these services.

KAMS is the USDA Certified State Agricultural Mediation provider for Kansas. KAMS helps Kansans resolve a wide variety of issues that affect their daily lives. These could include agricultural credit issues, farm foreclosures, USDA Farm program and Farm Loan Program decisions, USDA Rural Housing loan issues, USDA Risk Management issues, and USDA Natural Resources and Conservation Service decisions. The KAMS staff attorney is available to visit with callers, confidentially and at no cost, regarding any agricultural legal or financial issues, including such topics as answering questions regarding USDA denial letters, clarifying confusing paperwork, understanding appeal options available, agricultural credit situations, property right issues, farm foreclosures, and landlord/tenant disputes.

KAMS specialists provide initial information and guidance at no cost through a toll-free hotline, l-800-321-3276. A state-wide network of cooperating agencies and programs includes a pool of trained agricultural mediators, K-State Research and Extension financial consultants and Kansas Legal Services (KLS). To find out more about mediation and KAMS, continue to explore the KAMS website or call.

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