Issues in Health Reform
Issues in Health Reform

K-State Research and Extension is an objective provider of information to help citizens in Kansas and beyond to understand how the Affordable Care Act affects and benefits them.

Specifically, K-State Research and Extension aims to

1) increase understanding of the Affordable Care Act among Kansas citizens;

2) provide information so that consumers can make informed personal decisions; and

3) cooperate with Kansas groups who have an interest in providing education about the Affordable Care Act.

Key findings

* More than 1 in 8 Kansans (13.1 percent) are uninsured

* Health reform is intended to address excessive costs, inconsistent quality, and inadequate access to health insurance.

* Most of the nation’s 47.9 million uninsured have low or moderate incomes. More than 3 in 4 are in a working family. 

* Medical bills are a burden for the uninsured and frequently leave them with debt. Also, the risk of premature death among uninsured Americans is 25% higher than among Americans with health insurance.

* Medicaid and CHIP provide a key source of coverage for many who lack access to affordable coverage.

* About 25 percent of uninsured adults go without needed care due to cost compared to 4 percent of those with private insurance.

* A 2010 health reform provision has decreased the rate of uninsured young adults in the U.S. and Kansas, according to the Kansas Health Institute.