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The MiSeq Personal Sequencing System from Illumina

Sample Submission


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"The MiSeq System uses Illumina's proven TruSeq sequencing by synthesis reversible terminator chemistry, matching the data quality of a HiSeq 2000 run. The MiSeq is more than just a sequencer. It is a complete sequencing ecosystem with the largest applications portfolio and access to an entire community of users and tools with BaseSpace."

Illumina Inc.

 MiSeq System Performance

  300 cycles kit 500 cycles kit 600 cycles kit
Read Length 2 X 150 2 X 250 2 X 300
Yield (Gb) ~4.5 ~7.5 ~14
Run Time (hours) ~ 1 day ~ 1.5 days ~2 days
% > Q30 >75 >75 >75
Clusters/ Run (M) ~15 ~15 ~23

For a sample submission, cost estimate, or additional information please contact Alina Akhunova at akhunova@ksu.edu