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 Data Analysis

We are equipped with the GS FLX Titanium Cluster  - Roche-certified computing solution for the data processing and analysis needs of the GS FLX Titanium series.The GS FLX Titanium Data Computing Cluster is a dedicated high-performance Linux-based parallel computing system featuring 20 processors with 32Gb of memory, rack-mounted with 4.5TB of dedicated RAID storage and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The cluster is connected to Genome Sequencer FLX System via local network and can process GS FLX Titanium series sequencing run data in 6-8 hours.

The GS FLX Titanium Data Computing Cluster software package includes:

  • GS Run Processor, GS Reporter, GS Run Browser, and GS Support Tool
  • GS DeNovo Assembler, GS Reference Mapper, and SFF Tools
  • GS Amplicon Variant Analyzer

Data handling in the 454 Sequencing System occurs in three main phases:

  1. The Data Acquisition phase occurs during a sequencing run on the GS FLX instrument. The raw data consists of a series of digital images captured by the camera. Each image corresponds to one nucleotide flow over the surface of the PicoTiterPlate device.
  2. Data Processing is carried out by the GS Run Processor application and encompasses all the steps required to go from raw image data to base-called results suitable for use by downstream data analysis applications.
  3. The Data Analysis phase offers a choice of several downstream analysis paths to generate the desired final output: a consensus sequence of the DNA sample generated by the assembly of reads into contigs, with or without paired end analysis to order and orient the contigs into scaffolds (GS DeNovo Assembler); a consensus sequence along with a list of high-confidence differences obtained by mapping the reads to a known reference sequence (GS Reference Mapper); or the identification and quantitation of sequence variants by the ultra deep sequencing of amplicons (GS Amplicon Variant Analyzer).

All data analysis outputs also include base-per-base quality scores (Phred-equivalent) and other specific metric files.

For more information on GS FLX System Software package visit: