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Genome Sequencer FLX + System

The GS FLX + Sequencing System (454 Life Science/Roche) utilizing pyrosequencing technology that enables massively parallel sequencing in high-density microwell plates. With the new GS FLX Titanium chemistry it permits to generate about 600-800Mb* of sequence from each run. It supports sequencing of samples from a variety of starting materials, including genomic DNA, PCR products, BACs, and cDNA. The applications include de novo sequencing, resequencing of whole genomes and target DNA regions, sequencing of individual chloroplast genomes and metagenomics environmental samples, RNA analysis, transcriptome profiling using normalized and non-normalized cDNA libraries and many more. 

* These numbers are taken from Roche's product descriptions, and should not be considered a guarantee of actual returned sequence. 

Sample Submission

For a typical shotgun genome sequencing project provide ~1.5 ug of double-stranded DNA, with the minimal concentration of 50 ng/ul in TE buffer, and OD (260/280)>1.8. Please provide a photo of an agarose gel documenting the DNA quality. For all other types of samples and additional information please contact Alina Akhunova at akhunova@ksu.edu or Hanquan Liang at hliang@ksu.edu

The Genome Sequencer FLX System is purchased through the Kansas State University Targeted Excellence Program grant awarded to Drs. Akhunov E., Gill B., White F., Garrett K., Nelson J.C., Brown S., Johnson L., Herman M., Yu J., Narayanan S., Zurek L., Caragea D.


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Genome Sequencer FLX System