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Axon GenePix 4000B Scanner


An Axon GenePix 4000B microarray scanner can be used with DNA miroarrays, protein microarrays, tissue arrays, and cell arrays. The scanner simultaneously scans microarray slides at two wavelengths (532nm -green and 635nm -red), and optimized for Cy3 and Cy5 dyes. Performance with other dyes will vary. Dyes with spectra most similar to Cy3 and Cy5 will offer the most successful results. The scanner accepts standard microscope slides (1" x 3" or 25 mm x 75 mm), using a dual laser scanning system, and features 5 micron resolution, dynamic monitoring of laser power, user-selectable focus and laser power and one-touch calibration.
Assistance to first-time users of the equipment and software is available through personal training, or microarray workshop (PLPTH 780).

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Axon GenePix 4000B Scanner